Somdatta Mitra-Self worth is based on our value for our own existance

Somdatta Mitra
Country : India

Title : Self worth is based on our value for our own existance.

Divine thoughts purify hearts ,
Righteous goals bless our dignity and souls.
To deter on our own goals ,
To love ourselves first with a toast.
Never bothering about toxic opinions ,
Or for the chained ailments.
To explore ourselves first in an honest purview ,
To prioritise our ambitions and ignoring the odds eschew.

Casting the essence of purity and harmony ,
Sliding hard the temerity of the vainglory .
Climbing the ladders of peace and reformation ,
With nobleness and solemnity in a foundation.
Over several discomforts we must not hesitate to refuse ,
Over dominant oppressions we must not fear any voice or skews.

Simplicity must be our embellishment ,
Dignity must be our pride and sentiment.
Deserving strides must open our prudence ,
Acknowledging self – worth must exercise our priority and pursuance.
Injustices will hinder progress,
Discriminations will trigger a hostile voice.

But our self – confidence must challenge,
The corrupt forces that repress.
And refrain from associating with diabolicalness,
As our real spirit must fight for the genuine rights.
Unless we value our self – esteem ,
Until we realise the priorities .

Life will continue to burden with tormentations ,
Righteousness will breathe in a camouflage in dogmatic pressures.
Hearts will burn with augmented conceitedness,
Jealousy and malice will sabotage our innocence.

©®Amb. Somdatta Mitra