Somdatta Mitra-Son turns 18 today


Emotions are the only assets ,

Which a mother gathers in her world.

Son explores the world with his merit , intelligence and laughters.

This paradise is a divine pilgrimage,

Where both unite for a friendship and bond.

To a mother her son is an explorer ,

To a son his mother is his world and admirer.

Galloping from the transitions in each phase of life ,

A mother scrimmages with the hindrances to circumscribe.

Feelings and possessions of moments ,

Only envelope her endeavours to hold her son close to her bosom.

Does the son realise that in his adulthood ,

A dearth of sensitivity mustn’t create a void ?

A logical reasoning always pricks his conscience ,

“Mom , you are my greatest support , confidante and pride “

To this beautiful day when a mother unfolds,

her joys and pride ;

To raise her son as an adult ( 18 years ) in a stride.

That special day brings a lot of challenges ahead ,

” My son you are strong , determined and effervescent today.”

May all your dreams come alive ,

May you receive love , warmth , affection and success as you contrive.

Let the world be a cradle to fondle you ,

Let the experiences ahead be a benchmark to instil good virtues.

Let the candles illuminate your life ,

And my love resonates and envelope you as a paradise.