Stars, sing me a lullaby-Jay Basu


Stars knock gently

At my sleeping windowpane

Before the moment of their dip

Into the dawn’s creamy blush

Some are dying, some dead

Still they keep twittering lullabies

In a chorus of dying glitter

They whisper: Hi! Our sleepless friend!

Why still not sleep over our softest flicker

In the dewy breeze of the dawn to come

Seeing you toss in unrest

And wide awake to your by-gone days

To those days of your drench

In the rain and in the sun

Look! We still shine cool on you softly

On your feverish forehead

Through the thinning night

Sleep friend, sleep on our cool starlight

Now is the time for all but you

Who slept the night

To greet the baby sun

Friend! we are soon to droop and disappear

Into the wavy crimson horizon

Is there none after us to sing you to sleep

As we do, dying or long after dying

Still gazing up into

Their murmuring and dying light

I said to my late-night lullaby friends:

“Starfriends! Here are none to sing me to sleep

Before you droop and disappear

Sing me once for all a farewell song

That would lull me to sleep

Pillowed over this chirping dawn