The dawn falls-Hussaini Bukar

Hussaini Bukar

Oh! In fairy boat of storm ride

Either the rate, fair the race

In free, flee son of sum joule

Wonder the dapple, bundle the sprout

In parrot leaf of tramp will

The merrily dawn of dangle show

Niche, reel, the cloak wreck of stud stoop

Jolly the raise, wrinkle the sod

Woe! Alas! The vend veep of fur warm

Coherently dazed, thy thought a merry bake

Oh! Only in just we find the jell

Fume whim the oat, the thrall pot of gold trove

For only in that a fear, the treasure come

And only and holy, keep winding them

For thorn lob, never to hump hold

©️Hussaini Bukar

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