The Poetry Bohemian-Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Tyran Prizren S pahiu


… fanfare is not needed to trumpet love to homelannd

it conquers

invades soul, feelings vibrate, the whole being enriches …

…being conscious

in the seven heavens nothing happens casual, by itself …

I do know

… poor conscience people will never hear the voice of the hungry citiziens …

as well poor conscience parents will never hear the inner voice of the children


… poet, being engraved in the sculpture of time

exalts the Blessed Poet’s Language

in this sanctification space

built is the Mausoleum of Eternity

Madam /Sir, please do take a look

on mahogany is seated The Bohemian

driven by letter-lovers

crowned by Literature Royal Court

verses has written in The Poetry Kingdom.


…call me a dreamer…

…feelings floater, streets wanderer

ranger looking for love,

..attack me …embrace…greet

…but please NEVER do try

…to extinguish the fire for letters….

… Tyran Prizren Spahiu , born in Kosova and graduated with a degree in English Language and Literature at Prishtina University-Kosova. He was awarded Poet of the year by Pegasus Albania, and BARDI III by Union of Kosova Writers. He authored novel in two volumes, Never Back Again! Novel MORT, Novel Silhouette And seventeen Poetic Verses books in addition to Dream Language English Grammar-Visual English Dictionary. He is a wonderful, passionate, artist, he possesses deep knowledge and high literary skills in the art of prose. In his works he unveiled the major issues of the day, he brings time to its dimensions, building a powerful world of thoughts, psyche and great ideas. His philosophy is simple but captive and quite transparent. He brought to the readers, the great truth, he thus comes as a true style of modern Albanian prose, with a very penetrating view and full of psychoanalytic colours. He builds fairly clear phrases and gives them freedom with plenty of art, creative craftsmanship and obviously many vital types of nectar. He comes among us as a prominent and innovative novelist, where his creative artwork combines with plenty of proficiency with reality of time and people. His novel Never Back Again, is undoubtedly a valuable and serious contribution to modern Albanian and Worldwide prose. The author proves to be a creative, demanding and highly skilled artist. His prose is a new achievement, which gives the author the right to be ranked among the most renowned and capable of the new modern literary names

1.Founder of World ART -Kosovo

2. Respresentative of WORLD NATIONS WRITERS’ UNION – 世界各族人民作家协会- Kazakistan

3. Representative of Unión Mundial de poetas por la paz y la libertad

Also by Tyran Prizren Spahiu



1. Back never again! Volume I

2. Back never again! Volume II

3. Mort

4. Silhouette

5. It really happened!

6. The atheist


Poetry volumes

01. 1999+

02. Life

03. Dreams

04. Springs

05. Five pillars

06. Cobblestones

07. Biography

08. Castle

09. Icon

10. Bohemian

11. League

12. The Bohemian -English

13. E-dita

14. Writer

15. The knight

16. Albania One

17. Symphonian

18. The Knight/English

19. Trace of eternity

20. Gift

21. Water spring

22. English language

*Learn Your Dream Language


1.Poet of the year 2015- Alternative Pegasian Academy Albania-Kosova

2.Diploma-World Poetic Star- 175,Kazakhstan Anniversary

3. Master of Creative Impulse- Philosophique Poetica International-Lifetime Achievement Award

4. Motivational Strips- Order of Shakespeare Medal

6.Attestato La Clessidra –Italy

7.Noble Star for Literature 2018-International Higher Academic Council for literature


Lidhjae Shkrimtarëve e Kosovës

…and many more …

Prof Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Dedicated to Tyran Prizren Spahiu

I did not get complexes by the multifaceted culture you possess, this is reflected in every verses of your numerous poetry, the diverse subjects you reflect in the human dimension. Every citizen of the world full of mouth would say, “This poet is from my country” Congratulations Dear Poet ….

I do not know which one to savor more. Each one more powerful than the other, not only for the messages you give, but also for the stylistics you use. I’m surprised that today I met a very featured poet. You filled my day. Poetry dedicated to your father is very touching and sensing. Who has gone through Golgotha do not need words. Pride and respect for the generations who suffered in the dictatorship. Thank you …

Lola Xhafaj -Tirana Albania

Feather of the the poet Tyran Prizren Spahiu is very dimensional, he has a clear view of what the reader requires to read. His range touches upon all the topics that affect mankind, war and peace, pain and love, goodness and lawlessness, the righteous and intriguing faith, rich and the poor, denounces the political clans that put the country in the crossroad, this is the Poet who is continuously protests with his pen.

Vera Cato- Durrës Albania

I do appreciate divinity inside your simple – clarity and inner conscience. We feel your magnanimity and kindness through your poems. You and your creations will not be forgotten, they revive in the memory of our hearts as a Noble Soul, free from any ego.

Wisdom flooded from creation of a simple man who assured himself as a mortal creature in search of a spiritual perpetual light called Self-actualization.

I dare to admire your creation as an exceptional and inspirational write.

A sense of reverence for your extraordinary creativity to ensure breath in each word. I observed fusion of mystical and magical display of words in your poem.

Tulsi Shrestha, NEPAL

Tyran Prizren Spahiu: a remarkable poet with a very considerable body of works, and Prof, His poetry full of love and zest for life… loved and appreciated by all… also the fact that he presents other poets… gives us an idea from the literary life of his country!

You make a difference in Poetry…, stay blessed!

Madam, Roula Pollard

Me really influenced by the way of your presentation.

Intense and powerful ink, indeed.

Tulsi Shrestha

I see a Live Icon of living thoughts that flourishes and twinges. I see the portrait of the watery eyes thinker singing. I’m there, in the poet’s working room, where sorrow and love culminate. It is a fatigue moment of despair that stirs my feelings. I think in my tears is the poet who cries, and sings, Tyran. I greet you and thank you for the emotions you gave me.

Poet Ilmi Cani -Albania.

Tyran Prizren Spahiu, the legendary contributor to world literature. President – World Union of Poets, Chief Represent- World Nation Writers Union, a very familiar name which is always in the news… so that describes you in a nutshell. It’s an honor, blessings and inspiration to all the writers here as well great honor to this forum to have your valued presence You despite being a legend to the global writings, have always taken time to post in Motivational Strips as well interact with most members. We all are happy to hear your views you shared on Motivational Strips as well the poem dedicated with love to all writers here. It’s great moment of joy to have many valued and dignified veterans like you blessing this forum. The writers here are fortunate as well myself to learn from veterans like you and others. I would like to whole heatedly thank you for taking time from your busy schedule for speaking to all of us. The forum is yours and you are always a big part in this family and our hearts . May God bless you and give you long life for more historical scripts to global literature …Thanks Tyran…

Shiju H. Pallithazheth

Founder Motivational strips