The prime concern which left unattended-Somdatta Mitra

I donno by the word ” busy ” what you mean ( generally observing life ) ,
I donno by the word ” stress ” what you mean to indicate.
If your friend is melancholic ,
If your friend is depressed. And she / he needs you beside her / him ,
You are engaged .

Those cravings to embrace you ,
Those desires to lean on your shoulder …..
Might be left unattended , unheard ,
Those desires to weep on your lap .
Or the sobbing that might seem painful ,
Yet yelp to hear some comfortable words.

When you are not there ,
To sit beside your friend .
When you are unable to prioritise your time ,
To penetrate in her life.
You think you are always ” busy ” ,
To revolve around in life.
You think that you don’t need anyone in life ,
To soothe or to comfort you for anything.

Maybe , you are strong than others ,
Maybe you can restrain your spirits.
In those melancholic moments ,
When your friend expects you but cannot reciprocate.
Do u hear that untold story ?
Being engaged in your life ,
You say you are least available.

Being unmindful you dont even attempt ,
To pay a heed to her hesitant mind.
Do u think this is a true relationship ?
This segregated distancing from the natural responsibility ,
Must be your concern .
Yet you say ” I’m busy “
Ultimately , life passes by .
You remain unconcerned and unaffected ,
Nothing matters to you.

But sometime later you will realise ,
That time and tide waits for no man.
Those laments will ignite a Pied Piper ,
To distance you from humanity.

Country : India