The real hero Nambi-Somdatta Mitra



Very few are familiar with renowned scientists ,

With consistent efforts they are the protagonists of discoveries.

Dr. Nambi Narayanan is an Indian aerospace scientist ,

For me he is an ISRO activist.

Very few can sacrifice and bear such tortures ,

As this strong persona has contributed in Indian aerospace missions.

Despite an arrest on the trumped up charges on espionage ,

His vision and courage has dominated ;

All the strengths that tried to shook his talent and calibre.

Over a baseless charges by CBI ( Central Bureau of Investigation ) ,

He was released with due dignity over a compensation.

He received the highest civilian award in our country ,

Padma Vibhushan adorned his contributions for a prolong battle in scientific research.

A saviour of life of DR. Abdul Kalam ,

In the glass blast in the room of his experimentation.

Dr. Nambi was a charismatic protagonist ,

Whose mileage of devotion and consistent progress leads a historic victory.

A Hindi film ROKETRY was a biopic on his life ,

Holds the legacy of his esteemed prowess in his various missions and stride.

He seems to me a Superman in ISRO ,

Such a true hero of our nation deserves a veneration like a gismo.

©®Somdatta Mitra