This soul beyond this rot-Jay Basu

This soul beyond this rot

na jaayate’ mriyate’ vaa kadaachin naayam bhuthva bhavithaa na bhooyah: / ajo nithyah saasvato’yam puraano na hanyate’ hanyamaane’ sareere’ (2.20)

– The Bhagavad Gita

[“We are neither born nor do we die.

Never for once do we cease to exist.

We are the souls surviving to eternity

Beyond the rot of our bodies to grains,

Earthen or ashen…”

_ English Translation mine]

There’s no end to life

All that it has at its end

Is but a simple walk out

Chosen before it starts

Joy is unto them who see into it!

Woe to them who can’t!

So the wisdom of the never-failing old masters

Says, and sings in their paeans for immortality.

Should we then go by the mirror images

And not see the majesty of our walkouts

To return somewhere in fresher forms

In newer garbs and renewed zests

To toss or lull anew in new mothers’ warm laps

To hear again the mermaid songs of love

And to suffer again for the chastening of soul?

Maybe the sojourns to the body never end

As long as the soul is not purged of its lust

To wallow in the fleshly skits and plays

Abounding with attachments galore

It is all the better – this coming back, again…

To again be re-schooled with weals and woes

To be purer by the burning and melting of body.

But what about this impetuosity of passions

That rage, and rock the hearts at the crack of

Mirror images that groomed our attachments?

Who knows the freaks of Destiny that Gleefully programmes us so sheerly different

In ego-wares from a selfless seer’s wisdom?