Tranquil-Somdatta Mitra

Somdatta Mitra

Country : India

Theme : Tranquil

Title : Lost in the wild

An exploration that excited us ,

In the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve in Tamilnadu , India.

A welcome perhaps from the herd of deer ,

Langurs winked and seemed to be mischievous musketeers .

The peace and tranquility that we enjoyed ,

The beautiful cottage where we rested.

Food was simple yet so delicious ,

The elephant camp cheered us to be efficacious.

Witnessing Raghu the popular elephant excited us ,

The one over whom the Oscar winning film ;

Elephant Whisperers were screened.

The beautiful forest gifted us a serenity ,

The relaxation that we long awaited in visiting.

Our visit to the Bandipur National park ,

Embarked on a journey where many wild animals greet.

A spiritual odyssey over a camaraderie ,

The tranquil environment that enveloped .

The fireflies chortled and brightened the nights ,

As we rested in the dense forest in a fright.

The sunrise was an ethereal beauty ,

The morning drive inside the forest was a glory.

Rejoicing over the unblemished abode of squirrels ,

And the Royal Bengal tigers.

The Asian Palm civet , the jackals and the hyenas,

All play hide and seek in the shrubs and bushes.

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