Umutkan Eralieva Polotovna-Stop War

Umutkan Eralieva Polotovna was born on July 12, 1968 in the village of Kok-Zhar in the Nookat district of the Osh region of Kyrgyzstan.

Eralieva Umutkan is a poet, writer, publicist. Author of ten books. Literary editor of the world’s popular English-language electronic magazine “Kaviya Kishore”, an international hardcover magazine “Luminance” in Bangladesh (Dhaka). General Director of the international online publication Skylark Poetry spi (Dhaka) in Kyrgyzstan. The magazine “World International Editorial Board” (USA).

Awarded the medal “Icon of Peace” of the Institute of Peace in Nigeria ((Abudja) (2022). Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for World Peace in Nigeria.Ciesart Barcelona (International Chamber of Writers and Artists) and Director of Ciesart-Kyrgyzstan ; The “Ambassador of Peace” Award of the UN International Organization in the field of peace and human rights.In 2022, the music for the author’s song “stop the war” was written by the famous Polish composer Zbigniew Roth.

Autor: Umutkan Eralieva Polotovna


Stop fighting,

don’t orphan children,

Stop fighting,

don’t make a woman a widow.

The earth was bombed and stained with blood,

Do not exterminate the human race!

Stop fighting,

don’t light a stormy fire,

Don’t think about loneliness,

dreams, sadness.

Animals, innocent massacres,

Do not disturb or harm nature.

Stop the war,

Poverty has spread,

The number of homeless people has increased.

The baby’s future is in doubt…

Homeland cloud fled and suffered!