Your legacy of lionizing the patriotic cheer-Somdatta Mitra




As a compatriot you ignited spirits ,

To combat the thraldom of our nationals.

Under the British rule with condemnation,

and strong conviction.

As a most influential militant , freedom fighter and patriot ,

Your importunate slogans heralded with a notable impact ,

in the entire nation.

Roaring with ” You give me blood , I will give you freedom ” in a desperation ,

Your explosive actions and speeches to the nation ;

Uplifted deferential respect from the nationals.

As a great hero of Indian freedom movement and Azad Hind Fauj,

You are omnipresent with profound impact ;

On the world for your devotion and courage.

Being an enthusiastic , diciplined, selfless and inspiring leader,

Your strong confidence emboldened several spirits;

And led to an Indian national force from abroad.

Lionizing the patriotic cheer ,

you received ennoblement and dignity in a stride ,

Indemnifying the innumerable loss of lives .

You triggered passion to worship the motherland,

In Civil Disobedience Movement in 1930 ,

You were arrested in 1930 to accentuate the rebel.

You were a torch bearer as a Congress President in 1938,

Disembarking in a journey to Germany,

And later to Japan you left no stone unturned.

You uplifted the Indian prisoners at war ,

And revamped the Indian National Army ( INA) in a soldierly effort to parade.

As a counterpoise to the several actions of regeneration, negotiation and reconciliation,

To seek independence as a battle in proliferation.

Your rendezvous with Adolf Hitler in a submarine ( in 1942 ),

for seeking Nazi assistance,

Emblemed the name NETAJI in a glorification for your vehement courage.

Securing the help of Axis forces,

Your impregnable and insurmountable courage, Received extreme adulation as a legendary figure.

You ignite more passion as a true patriot ,

Let the glory of your devotion inspire millions of hearts.

©®Somdatta Mitra

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