Art and culture
Released in December 2023
My artwork Marylin

Exhibition…unpainted in 2022
In the Weinlager Gallery, Nuremberg

There is currently an exhibition in the district library, Langwasser, Nuremberg

Exhibition, Nuremberg Airport 202o

Exhibition, Nuremberg Airport 2021

Two of my paintings were at the Int. 2017 Art Fair in Basel / Switzerland

In the book: Awarded Art International 5

In the book: SONG OF SILENCE by Jasna Gugić


Thea Ulrich is a digital artist,

it comes from photography to digital art

Your works of art are created on the computer from completely your own render graphics, from graphically created or painted image elements and from parts of your own photos

The finished image files are then printed on canvas using high quality printing technology.

Some of her works are also available as NFT via https://opensea.io/Mouzaoui-Art, QR code 1 takes you directly to Collection Art Thea Ulrich, the second QR code takes you to the main page on opensea

“I want to convey the joy I feel creating works of art through my art to people who have an eye for the beautiful and essential, but also for the unusual. My artworks always express my feelings and thoughts, and ideally they should also reach and touch the viewer emotionally.

Thea Ulrich digital art