Trust me-Olvens Louissaint


Olvens Louissaint


My desire is to dive in the depth of my heart 

So as to make you felt how you are my part.

Trust me. ‘Cause I just want to let my feelings fire

My heart to make you taste my love. That’s my desire.

Believe me you are clean the woman of my dreams.

I love you, I need you. ‘Cause you are my sunbeams.

Then let us come closer, I am just your slave.

Opress me by your love,‘cause that’s just what I crave.

Please let me penetrate your heart to shine as gold

Through the light of your love. Since that can unfold

The scope of the feelings that allow me to care

For you under my love, and you deserve that share.

Why do you want to let your imagination 

Wander in nothingness than through my affection?

My heart is just for you, please do not ignore

That it’s just after you it’s chasing to the fore.


In this so precious day where women always wet

The time through tears worldwide while asking to set

Them free to shine their rights my God broke up the chain

Of nothingness so that life could not miss my stain.

Then may He bless this day where I have to let

Me remember once more the first time that I met

Everything here to grow my destiny’s grains

As long as, on this earth, my poor existence rains 

I do not overcome all difficulties yet

To win the victory that I wish to get

Though everything I do keeps making me again.

Since I do not often start anything in vain.

Hence I’ll never give up so that I don’t forget

That fighting for our dreams is this life’s target.

As it is in our fate, in spite of all pains,

To know what happiness or honor contains.

Hence, after my old days plunged me into regret

Before they’ve been ended like a gloomy sunse,t

I hear that the time says “happy birthday, it’s plain

That all that you wish for will bring success as gain”


When people let you down

Don’t stop trying alone.

So that you can be grown

Till your auccess is done.

Keep your strength as ally

Don’t let devotion die

Towards things that apply

To your dreams without  lie.

Toward a great ideal,

Direct your mind’s stare.

Don’t give up faith’s appeal

If time seems not to care.

Do not spare your effort

Though you work in silence;

With your shade as escort

Try to make the difference.

Care about the critic

Come from other people

Just to find how to kick

Out of you a riddle.