Let me hug you my precocious whelp-Somdatta Mitra



Singing cantabile like an obsessed mother ,

Cradling you over and over again and cosseted.

As a baby you enjoyed those mollycoddles wearing a bonnet,

How stupefying those moments of joy which you gifted me !

As a mother your divine squeaks ,

enhanced my spirits in a glee.

As you grew up to be a teenager in recent years ,

A mother’s heart always longed for those coddles in a cheers.

An insistence on gifting me a wonderful hug,

with your sincere warmth.

On mother’s day you deliberately consummate a sensational interview of mine,

That I still reminiscence and admire.

Over our rooftop it was accomplished with meticulous perspective,

Where I confronted you as a guest of ” COFFEE WITH SRINJOY ” in a magnificent cameraderie.

Hugging a coffee mug for some appealing pictures ,

Your astute presentation of the chat show flabberghasted my conscience.

Like a debonair your constant queries ,

Established a situation of real thrill like a television show in a reality.

I was in the seventh heaven to perceive ,

That I was an important personality to a repertoire.

With a warm embrace you welcomed me ,

And lifted up to adorn with a mother’s day crown .

As a handcrafted carer you embellished it,

to a blissful endowment.

Reminiscences of those glorious moments here I cherish,

On HUGS DAY the resonances of your kveth.

As a baby triggers my sensations,

You always cheer me with your divine spirits.

Let me hug you my precocious whelp,

With innumerable aspirations may you succeed in life as I bless.

©®Somdatta Mitra