Poem by Jay Basu-Wails Of Languid Wind

Jay Basu


Readers, how can I share my bread

Of experience with you? I do not know

How to survey what is happening around and

What’s symphonic or discordant with my soul

Nor do I know how to withdraw and depict

All that drifts and dims from an eminence

Nor have I known ever

That fibrous and nervous language of a poet

Which can detail with accuracy

What he suffers, and how and why he suffers

Hardly can I choose that rise and fall of rhythm

To fit myself exactly to the tenor and bass of

His suffering at the very moment of it?

I can say this much! That only infrequently

I do hear the wails of a languid wind and

The fall of someone’s tears on my tinroof

Maybe, it’s nothing but the spatter of raindrops

Hardly can I tell the tears from the drops of rain