Poetess Somdatta Mitra-Nature ‘s nascence of a new dawn

Country : India

Nature ‘s nascence of a new dawn .

I stand tall without my leaves in a dignity ,

Like a tower my confidence promulgate my identity.

My branches are strong and effervescent to inspire life ,

My determination is a thesaurize where I emancipate and thrive .

Xenacious for the beatitude ,

Autumn imbues the significant daring – hardy feel .

Wallowing in my endeavours to uplift my stem ,

The cool zephyr relentlessly soothed my soul in a gusto.

The sunset ensigned my heart with a golden egalitarian fortitude,

The darkness seemed to cover it’s brightness.

Yet I am rooted with my soil ,

Awaiting the winter with its benign enfold.

The dawn transcends to give rise to a new beginning ,

It imbues a conviction of a surreptitious vagary.

As a tree I idolize nature’s nascence of a new dawn,

Existing as a nonpareil , candour and magnificent tower of courage.

©®Somdatta Mitra

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