Poetess Somdatta Mitra-The real masqueradors define immorality

Country : India


An epiphany opened the doors of impeccability ,

On a renunciation that shattered me in a desirability.

Voiciferating in a lamprophony to trigger frustration ,

I was engrossed in the labyrinth of emotions.

Divulging my ultimate decisions ,

I didn’t deter from the explorations.

While an impignorate enhances a verbe ,

I resolved the matter and was disturbed.

The real masks cover the faces for a purpose ,

Why the pretensions embellish the characters of masqueradors ?

The clown often amuses us ,

With his augend and addend smiles.

Their life is difficult and dependant on entertaining,

When the masks hide the souls of friends and relatives while reigning.

Never concerned about the bamboozle paraphernalia ,

Augmenting to an extreme cacophony.

There life cannot breathe like a circus ,

The masqueradors never alarm themselves over a convergence.

How can innocence be strangled into a piece of glass ?

How can basic trust be an instrument of pretensions ?

Necessity today has left scars on the hearts ,

Genuine eloquence are cornered over selfishness.

Excess freedom and greed has blindfolded the honesty ,

Lack of empathy impregnates immorality.

©®Somdatta Mitra