Sitting by God-Jay Basu

There are two enemies of man:

success and failure

and neither help us understand

who we are in God’s great plans.

– Joseph Gnatek

So far so good that we don’t understand

What or who we’re in great God’s grand

Plans that unfold bit by bit as long as time is

Had it been a tumbling back to the Timeless

Where is God vanishing in void with his plans

Down to His enigmatic scheme of electrons

Had we seen through the gamut of

God’s games and sports and schemes, where …

And where exactly would we have been…

Sitting probably by His side and telling Him

Over the shoulders, why My God! Why keep

Repeating Thy fond mistake of making man

The pawn of power that’s more fiendish than

That of the legions of Satan, Beelzebub and Demogorgon… or why not move the cosmos

Speedier than light that the effect must come

Before the cause and the toothless old folks

Get moment by moment young and juvenile

Rather than being more and more senile

Till they’re a burden to dismiss for old age home.

Copyright © Jay Basu