Somdatta Mitra-*Secret Crush*

Somdatta Mitra


So ellysian was the admirance through your eyes,

When the belspirit in me balmily rejuvinated;

With your esoteric emotions to ariose.

As an amorist this ignorance over infatuation ,

Lead to several emotional turmoil;

In an arcane sensitivity inside my heart.

This ignorant love ignited ,

too many pulchritudinous moments .

As I lay on my bed,

to recall those faded memories.

My secret crush over you in my youth ,

Assembled divine celebrations in my day dreams.

As a film celebrity you were never aware,

As a teenager I was engulfed in a wanderlust.

To release a waiver from my heart in a deluge ,

Let me scream to the whole world that I really loved you.

Jackie Shroff was embedded in each and every corner of my heart ,

As I pasted all sorts of posters on the walls.

With a zizz in an unfettered revealations ,

to my soul I scampered,

In all sorts of movie halls and markets.

I webbed tremendous fascinated desires,

to engage in a wedding .

As natural and realistic it could unguent,

in any extremity.

To my dismay it was all in a cherished desire ,

In a truculence I dictated my stringent principles.

Unabated I was helpless to move to Mumbai ,

To ring the bell and exclaim in a vehement tirade.

That I sincerely loved you and had a secret crush on you.

To realise my pains and sufferings,

To hold my hand and gently embrace me in your arms.

Dated : 10.02.2024.


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