A collaborative poem by Somdatta Mitra ( India ) & Richmond Winga ( Malawi)


In an acromonious pursuit abstain from the toxic people ,

Those who never expects your success or progress .

There you eschew from their gouge and stings,

Let your individuality glide with heartstrings.

Never allow yourself to be someone ‘s puppet ,

Where some preponderant forces influence and kaputt with your innocence.

©® Somdatta Mitra

For we all have different ideologies

That dance in our brains’ capacities

Whilst others are of vomiting revolts towards you

Never let anyone to break your living soul

For as the clouds sings good songs for you as well

Which climbs your ambitious hill and touch the sky.

© Richmond winga

You feel that the gush of wind will scare you ?

You think that those hypocrisy will torment you ?

Let your courage determine your actions ,

And precautionary inhibitions will motivate you.

Silently chase your identity and establish a fortitude ,

That you can mirror your worth.

Let those idiosyncrasies never weaken you ,

You must build your own personality.

©®Somdatta Mitra

To reach that pick of life!

For sure it can’t be that easy

You have to first conquer that evil fog

That wish you badness all the times

Step aside and let the calamities pass first

As they are the ones to pull you down the floor.

©Richmond winga