A sense of belonging is a family bonding-Somdatta Mitra



A sense of devotion that entwine hearts ,

A dignity to raise the conscience to safeguard the individual rights.

A promulgation that unite people into a strong bond ,

Over sacrifices , strongly supporting each other and correspond.

Days after days and months after months,

When the daily routine augments to a boredom.

There the mutual understanding and feelings bind each other ,

And transcend all barriers to care.

Life is a test of time ,

In an adversity a family ‘s

support and loyalty is divine.

With consistent encouragement and confidence ,

The afflictions can be shellacked in a complacence.

Painting the happiness and the good vibes ,

A family can display it’s vainglory over a strong foundation and strides.

Singing and dancing in a merriment ,

Worshipping the deities in an ennoblement .

The responsibilities tie them to adhere to the dicipline ,

To uplift themselves into a caregiver and protector or guide.

Where peace and faith resides in each epiphany ,

Where confidence blooms in each heart for a cradle .

Where smile blossoms from affection and a sense of belonging ,

There a family is complete with love and integrity.

©®Somdatta Mitra