Exile in the paradise-Jay Basu


A Poem by Jay Basu

the wind is aromatic with roses in bloom

the summer is high and windy in the sky

stars are shy behind the clouded chiffon

come rains with storms heaving up the sea

with summer vagaries gone and the thrush

leaves the leafy perch singing a sigh of bye

rose petals droop weighed with the raindrops

autumn is afloat in the floating flakes of cloud

blossoms fade and die, their perfume thinned

you loved me once in the breezy summer

with the shine of the roses on your eyes

maybe you never loved me though

by the fallacy of pathos for birds and blossoms

summer breeze and the bluish blinks of stars

shy behind the chiffon veil of cloud

I believed so and lived ever after

a happy exile in the paradiso.