Fisherman And Mermaids-Jay Basu

Jay Basu

I am the fisherman out on netting my catches

I row up the crests of the waves high and low

till I’m in the high seas where dwell mermaids

and in the waters now stilled

and now beruffled by a gale

I am the fisherman still rowing

to the distant and misty sky

I live there with the mermaids

singing and languishing for

love that will wash them off

their unspoilt virgin purity

the love and the dream

that are borne inside me

are taken over by the sea

to be given away to the singing mermaids

who are swimming happily with their tailfin

when the roaring waves calm to level brine

and I rest between rowing and the net-casting

to hear their joyous carols touched by my love

and dream borne by the waters that roll now

in gentle ripples to kiss the sky and now in

in plucks and knocks with the shingles along the craggy shoreline of the sea

with my boatful of catches and

with the mermaids’ swan songs

ringing in my ears I still sail back

home on waters now rippling on

as the wind is down, now ruffling with

the wind up and roaring, and wheeling…