Poetess Somdatta Mitra-Unabashed at the union

Country : India

Unabashed at the union

In your arms I find solace ,

In your flute lies all the secret.

Divinity dwell in silent destinations ,

Where we are oblivious in renditions .

Unabashed at the union ,

Undaunted courage seem to hold an envision.

In a naivete we indulge in romance ,

Seamless raptures dig the pangs.

More effervescent aura, Invades our hearts.

Neverending sensations direct a sublime novelty ,

A fanatic would always reap little honesty.

As love has no boundaries ,

It leaps and jumps and inserts memories.

The percussions still augments to a note ,

That is truly splendid and that connote.

That love begets life ,

And nourish the smiles.

With an urge to paint the desires ,

Love teaches everyone a colourful world that whisper.

©®Somdatta Mitra


All Rights Reserved

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