Somdatta Mitra-We are the three musketeers

Poetess Somdatta Mitra

Country : India


They call me” Som” with a cheerfulness ,

Since grade eleven we are enveloped in an emotional bonding.

They ring me whenever their heart pops ,

Out with a deep craving.

We are the three musketeers in a divine integration.

We cannot breathe without each other’s company ,

We often indulge in a jive to express our union in a symphony.

They are the cheerleaders ,

They are the soothing pied pipers.

They embrace me in a sweet sensation ,

Their presence completes me as a friend forever in a coronation.

Loud accredits often define the bond ,

As our trio engross in a strong foundation of an interlock.

We travel as a wanderlust ,

Often enjoying a freedom to be in the verdant valleys.

Like butterflies we hover around each other ,

Like the fireflies we emit the light of love .

Without each other we are most insecure ,

As we confide to each other about this bond to treasure in an union.

Exchanging the incidents that excites !

Shopping in the malls or in the lanes that surprise !

Watching films or visiting the museums altogether ,

We are the cohorts who raise the good spirits as bell wethers.

We are the wind that soothes the souls !

We climb on each other to recall the childhood days that we still behold.