The Lily’s Smile-Jay Basu

Goodwin’s eagle flies high up

to be swooping down on its prey

Equalling Hughes’s hawk in killing

its prey straight with no sophistry

but talonning the flesh to the bones

But the Lily rests beside the path

and watches this with a silent and sweet smile

The Fox whimpers off to

where one is being out to die or be killed

The preacher and the layman

come to be busy with prayers

The huntsmen and the horses

come for a dig into the badger’s lair

The judges and the lawyers are come

Like daniels hidden behind their wig and mask

The teachers and the scholars

come to harangue on the past narratives

Meanwhile lovers and liars keep passing by with…

Sorry to say… Oh! with what an air of innocence!

But the Lily’s heart is white and free

it watches simply, gently with a silent smile only.

NB. I express my sincerest gratitude to my precious friend, Michael Goodwin of Wakefield for almost pampering me with his poem, THE LILY to write the one posted above.

®© Jay Basu 4 May 2024