Women-Tebeth Chanetsa Nee Dirani Of (Zimbabwe)& Somdatta Mitra Of India





Tebeth Chanetsa Nee Dirani Of (Zimbabwe ) & Somdatta Mitra Of India


Like a statue they stand.

Resilient to see the end.

Struggling in silence.

Groaning in persistence.

Compromising with a tender heart.

Vulnerability wont stop her even hurt.

©️®️Tebeth Chanetsa Nee Dirani 🇿🇼

Like a talisman they devote themselves as caregivers ,

Sacrificing each significant aspect of their lives.

Their desires and aspirations are not always fulfilled,

As they strive to fulfill others dreams with their skills.

Sharing all sorts of strength and happiness,

They rebuild a desert to a garden of good spirits.

©️®️Somdatta Mitra 🇮🇳)

Women needs beyond gifts and smiles,

Maybe the whole world’s appreciation

Struggling for dreams and desires to manifest

Hiding pain in hope and humor

As she strives for accomplishment

With laughter they conquer doubt in perseverance

©️®️Tebeth Chanetsa Nee Dirani

She adds colours of a rainbow to life,

She is benevolent to acclimate any situation in a stride.

Her gentility is like a holy river flowing in its own pace ,

Never bothering

and unstoppable in it’s spontaneity.

Women are like that sunflower,

Whose effervescence invigorates the world.

©️®️Somdatta Mitra 🇮🇳

Despite failures she stands up again.

Despite pain she keeps fighting.

Like the sun during the day and the moon at night,

She shines and twinkles for her family and the world always.

Her absence is quickly felt with dullness

A woman is a pillar of strength to her children

©️®️Tebeth Chanetsa Nee Dirani 🇿🇼