Daniel de Culla-Writer, poet, painter and photographer

Writer, poet, painter and photographer. Member of the Collegiate Association of Spanish Writers, Earthly Writers International Caucus, Poets of the World, (IA) International Authors, Surrealism Art, Friends of The Blake Society, Nietzsche Circle , The International Society of Assemblage & Collage Artists, Commonwealth Foundation, and others. Director of Gallo Tricolor Review and Robespierre Review.

He has participated in numerous Poetry and Theater Festivals, has collaborated and collaborates with various magazines and newspapers such as: Otoliths; The Stray Branch, Down in the Dirt Magazine, Famous Poet, Orfeu, Allien Buddha Zine, The Poet Magazine, Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry), Uppagus, Winning Writers, ReSite, GloMag, From the River to the Sea, The Erozine, Fleas on the Dog, LAROLA, RAL’M, Misery Tourism, KAVYA KISHOR INTERNATIONAL, Raven Cage Magazine, Leavings, Wilderness House Literary Review, Eye to to the Telescope, The Creative Zine, Terror House Press, CentarKukture, Ranger, The Tiger Moth Review, Literary Cocktail Magazine, Our Poetry Archive, Lambda Literary, Literary Yard, EgoPhobia; and other national ones: Pluma y Tintero, Letras de Parnaso, Revista Azahar, Cultura de Veracruz; Vericuetos, Gibralfaro, Sol Cultural Center, Multiart –Argentina, etc.